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Don’t Get Fooled Again

Don’t Get Fooled Again

I was listening to an Old recording from one of my favorite bands “The Who”, Don’t Get Fooled Again.  It got me thinking about one of the best lessons I ever learned. It was about a guy that I got friendly with years ago in business.

When I first met Jim, I felt a real kinship. He was accomplished, had a strong following and had the successes that I had been struggling to achieve. Not only did he understand marketing, manage a team of virtual assistants and run ads at scale, but he was also earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every month.

After close to a year of being friends and exchanging life-changing insights on business, Jim told me about a business idea he’d recently used. He relayed to me the big success he had with doing a unique competition with another company, and he encouraged me to jump into it too. Since I’d known Jim for a decent amount of time and felt we were friend, I trusted him.

Excited and ready to make a killing in business, I paid over $14,000 to get involved with a company Jim swore was gold. Little did I know at the time, Jim was taking half of the money I was handing over, and this company had a history of under-performing.

Once Jim was paid, he up and vanished. Poof — he was gone. my messages were ignored. My friend, the person I’d been regularly talking with, somehow became too busy to respond.

Jim taught me some hard lessons, and now I’d like to pass on this cautionary advice to you, so you can avoid being ripped off by friends, associates or anyone else in your sphere.

Please Do Not Blindly Trust Friends or Associates.

The most significant mistake I made? I trusted the word of someone else without doing my research. Jim was a smooth-talking guy who had the patience of a snake waiting in the bushes. Had I done my research before trusting someone I thought was a friend, I wouldn’t have been duped out of my money.

It’s hard for me to admit not everyone is a good person. This practice of befriending someone and later exploiting them is more common than any entrepreneur would like to admit. As Robert Greene states in his book The 48 Laws of Power, we should never put too much trust in so-called friends. Sadly, just because you consider someone a friend, it doesn’t mean he or she will treat you kindly in business.

Foe or friend, before you get in bed with anyone – do your research to ensure you’re making the best choice.

Successful people aren’t always the best advisors.

Our heroes aren’t always the people we believe them to be. When taking advice, don’t just consider how successful the person is. Take a look at how many people he or she has led to the Promised Land and how many people have been left disappointed.

If I had researched Jim, I would have seen that I am not the first disgruntled friend in his rearview mirror. Unfortunately, I only looked at the appearance of things and not the hard facts that were spread throughout the internet. If you want to go into business with someone, take a moment to review their past to assure they’re someone you’ll want to work with.

Never be a victim — take responsibility.

When I think about Jim, I am not mad at him. In fact, I’m thankful he taught me early about some of the most fundamental elements of business, such as how friendship and business are not always the same. I fully acknowledge I allowed the circumstances to happen and I am also strong enough to create new outcomes. He was there to teach me, and with that, I am more aptly able to identify the Jim’s of the world.

Take responsibility for what you create, and you’ll never really be ripped off. Instead, you’ll be given life lessons that make you more successful in business.

Something Else You Must Consider

If you are considering entering into an Online Venture, please be aware there are many false reviews out there when you are doing your research. Many of these reviews are people posting false claims only to redirect you to their offer. Be very aware of this tactic.  Make sure you research the company’s growth, how long they are in business, and their System. Just a piece of advice: Many people move into some online opportunity thinking there quick riches to be had. In Reality from my experience there are no quick riches. Every business venture requires hard work and knowledge on the subject matter.

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