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Fear There Are Two Meanings

If you are looking to change your life and relieve yourself from the daily Rat Race we all call life. This is a quote you need to look at seriously. Many people I speak with complain about their Job and Life.

They feel trapped in their daily rut the routine of waking up when the alarm clock goes off at 6am. Get in the shower, Get dressed, make their coffee eat some breakfast if they are lucky, get in the car, Drive the same route to work, Deal with everything their Boss wants them to do and never having anything to say about it. They put in there 8 hour day get back in the car deal with the same old daily traffic on the way home, have some dinner, set up in front of the TV for a couple of hours, then go to bed and repeat the same thing in the Morning.

Sound familiar?

My question to them is always Why Do You Do That? The answer is always the same – I have responsibilities, I have a Mortgage, I need to make money, many have children going to College. In essence they have a Personnel Overhead they need to maintain.

I feel for them, the feeling of be trapped can be somewhat daunting. Just feeling the pressure of all your responsibilities weighs on you. You know there is a better way but you just fear taking that uncertain step. Everyone I speak with is looking for time freedom, some make great money but have no time to enjoy it with the people they love. Many are self-employed their issue is they just can’t get away from the Business because they are the Business.

My answer to each and every one of them is you need to Change your mind set.

For my employee friends they need to devote and hour or so per day to Expand Their Way of Thinking.

For my self-employed friends it’s a bit harder they need to change their way of thinking and also learn to Stop being the Chef – Cook and Bottle Washer.

They all need to throw fear aside. I offer them this quote and ask them, What do you want to do It’s their Choice.

I then just offer them this option and see who is serious about Changing Their Life.

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