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Anthony Vitrano

Hi I’m Anthony and here is a little something of what I’m all about.
I’ve always been in business for myself since I left High School. I started working for my Grandfather in the family business. We were in the women’s clothing business in New York.

I started working in the factories but in a few years I moved up to headquarters as the production manager in the Manhattan Offices. But in 1996 I decided that with the birth of NAFTA the Domestic Clothing Business was on a downward spiral so I left the business.

I had a wife 3 children and a big mortgage and pretty much broke. I had about enough savings to get me through about 4 months until the S&!T hit the fan. But I wanted more I wanted a business I could control, at least somewhat control. I was looking for time and location freedom with no income ceilings. I was 38 years old at the time and decided to try my luck in the Real Estate Business. Everyone told me I was nuts. But I did it anyway. So my first year in the Real Estate Business I did fairly well and learned a lot. By my third year I said to myself why am I giving half my commission to the Broker of the office. So I moved on and became a 100% Remax Agent. I learned fast that being a 100% Agent meant I needed to generate my own customers, pay my rent at the office, do my own advertising and everything else that came with running my own little independent Office. Wow so I needed to get on the stick fast and learn fast how to get these things done. I’ll never forget I spent $2500.00 Bucks, Money I really needed for other things to go to a Marketing Seminar in Toronto Canada. I learned some great things there and brought them back to my office and applied the thing I learned. I set up all the ideas placed six different ads in the Newspaper to run Friday through Sunday this was back in January 2000. Buy Tuesday Morning when I got to My Office I had over 400 new leads on my New Hot Line and voice mail system that I purchased at the seminar I attended. Holy Crap I couldn’t get back to all these people, so I quickly learned I did not need to place six ads, I said let’s just place one. Well with this new system in place at the Remax of New York State Christmas Dinner at the end of the Year. I was Awarded The New York State Remax Rookie of the Year Trophy. That’s when I saw the power of Technology and what it could do if applied correctly.

The Real Estate business has been good for me I truly enjoy helping people and bring smiles to their faces.

About 10 years back in 2008 I started seeing the growth of the internet and its effect on the Real Estate Business. Now keep in mind the Real Estate Business is a local business. With that said the internet has dramatically changed how Real Estate is being marketed today. Business was now moving into the digital world. I needed to learn this world fast or be left behind. Learning this new world was a bit clumsy at the start but the more I did it the better I got at it, things became easy and it saved me a lot of Money. Bingo!!!

Then back in September of 2017 I got involved with an Online Business Education Company that was growing like a weed. My self and the Business people I have met who have gone through the curriculum and applied what they learn have seen dramatic results in their business growth. Now I'm devoting what I've learned to helping people become informed.

This site was designed as a consumer service to help Buyers and Sellers make informed real estate decisions. We know that it is often difficult to get relevant information when you are looking to buy and sell a home.

In order to better educate and inform buyers and sellers, we have provided comprehensive information as a FREE No-Obligation Service. Many buyers and sellers who visit this site are so impressed with this service that they will contact us (or one of our sponsors) in order to assist them in the purchase or sale of their home.

We truly hope that you find these reports, information, tools and resources helpful and we look forward to helping you with your move.

Best Wishes
Anthony Vitrano 🙂

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