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How to Sell a Home Fast—Even Before the Holidays

How to Sell a Home Fast—Even Before the Holidays! Need to know how to sell a home fast, even though the holidays are speedily approaching? If you’re thinking of throwing up your hands and giving up hope until the new year, we’re here to offer hope: There’s still time! As eager as you may be to sell your home before the holidays, plenty of

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11 Things you need to know to pass you Home Inspection

11 High Cost Inspection Traps You Should Know About Weeks Before Listing Your Home For Sale Get FREE Instant Access by completing the form on this page. According to industry experts, there are over 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection when your home is for sale. A new report has been prepared which identifies

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Learning New Techniques

Learning New Techniques Me and Rebecca went to a Rich Dad Workshop last Thursday. We learned some great new information and met some nice people. Actually it was awesome a great learning experience. I love being exposed to new Ideas. I have always found learning from experts live is a way I learn best. And I also found interacting with